NEW Almeisan ACdA

Almeisan ACdA


NEW Panche Siquila

Panche Siquila


NEW Laguna El Juncal

Laguna El Juncal


NEW Geminga ABFdB

Geminga ABFdB


NEW Pollux FMI

Pollux FMI


NEW Propus ALI

Propus ALI


NEW Castor AME

Castor AME


Projects in origin

Through our Spanish Coffee Institute Foundation, we channel all projects around the world.
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When the coffee is magic: Huila - Colombia

Unique  We present you 2 unique stories from the heart of Huila, in Colombia. Result of our most outstanding experiments with fermentation techniques and special processes,...

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Coffee and Chocolate Profiles

Monper Chocolates is a company known for the elaboration of artisan chocolates with high quality ingredients, they select the cocoa according to its purity, its origin and its qualities. As they explain...

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Gadgets Coffee descriptor wheel

We continue to move forward, sharing knowledge and unifying criteria in the world of coffee, which is why we decided to create a collective project, led by our Qlab team, and other quality coffee professionals...

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