Rafael Moral


Rafael Moral began working with coffee in 1978. He has made numerous projects since then to develop the coffee culture in Spain and Europe, with the collaboration of producers and professionals in the sector. He founded Mare Terra as a specialty green coffee importer with the aim of disseminating true coffee quality and traceability in the product and developing specialty coffees in Spain and Europe. 

He also played a key role in the divulgation of specialty coffees in Spain by creating in 2007 the Spanish Chapter of the SCAE Community. Being aware of the need to spread the knowledge and professionalization of the sector, in 2003 he created the first training center dedicated to education in the coffee field in Spain - The Spanish Coffee Institute Foundation (IECafé). Rafael Moral works in deep and loyal collaboration with producers, with great consideration for their philosophy of life, their enormous needs and the work they perform every day with dignity. Coffee is his vocation and it has given him many lessons and experiences. He continues to be surprised every day by the amount of things to do with and for coffee, a product that is often unknown, although for him it is an inexhaustible source of imagination.

Sonia Aguilar

Account Manager 

Sonia has been working as a Business Accountant for 15 years and has been part of the Mare Terra team for 4 years. He is the person responsible for the accounting and billing activities, as well as all the fiscal and administrative issues that are made in our company day by day.

Timur Dudkin

Green Coffee Hunter 

Timur is our Quality Control Chief, our Master Roaster and our best coffee expert. Timur is Q-Grader, AST in several modules of the SCA Coffee Diploma System (Barista, Green Coffee Analysis, Roasting, Cup Tasting). His passion takes him all over the world, traveling every year to the producing countries, from Brazil to Ethiopia, passing through Colombia, Nicaragua, Kenya. Every country with its history, its terroir, its inhabitants, being his only objective to exploit the potential of each origin and bring us the best seasonal coffees of each country. 

Champion trainer, sensorial and technical judge, organizer of the Spanish SCA Cup Tasting Championships and creator of his own alternative cup tasting championship in Spain, Russia and Ukraine. Coffee invades Timur's life with every step he takes!

Axel Simon

QLab Director

Axel is Timur´s right hand, together they take the responsibility of the quality control department of Mare Terra. He has the SCA Professional Certification in Green Coffee Analysis and Brewing. In addition, Axel is Barista by profession and heart, collaborating as a trainer at the Spanish Coffee Institute Foundation - IECafé. He was the SCA Spanish Barista Champion 2017 and he is been working as a coach for different baristas in national and world competitions. 

Giovanna Rocha

Green Coffee Hunter

Giovanna got into coffee in 2008, doing the odd barista job in London. After finishing university - she has a degree in Social Sciences - she got the perfect chance to move to Kenya, where she worked in the export business for almost 5 years. In Nairobi she became a certified cupper by the Kenya Coffee Board and became a Q-Grader. She joined our team in October 2017 after moving to Barcelona with her dogs and cats and is now responsible for our European Sales.

Raquel Parra

Green Coffee Consultant

She has been part of the Mare Terra team for two years and works as Sales Representative for the Spanish market. Coffee has been very present in her life and family, she joined the adventure of specialty coffees, training herself and learning day by day. She believes that being in constant communication with her clients is very important to advise them in the best way possible. She has more than ten years sales experience in other sectors, but she has it clear… coffee is her world and great passion. 

Carlos Bushelon

Logistics Director 

Philologist and lifelong musician, Carlos has more than 25 years of experience in Logistics and has the particularity of mastering at least 6 languages. Carlos is our Head of Logistics and he is a magician in the art of finding the best solutions to deliver our coffees in the ultimate conditions around the world. 

Araceli Oliva

Coordinator of Outbound Transport

With more than 13 years of experience in the dental implantology sector managing the commercial team, developing commercial strategies, large key accounts and clients at an international level, a few months ago she began a new project at Mare Terra Green Coffee, in the exciting world of coffee. She works together with a great team in export management at a national and international level within the Logistics Department. As a passionate coffee lover, she hopes to continue learning and enjoy this wonderful world.

Thibault Chauvin

Green Coffee Consultant

It is during the last year of his career in Colombia that Thibault discovered the world of the coffee. Alongside coffee farmers in Huila, he learned about coffee production processes and market mechanisms. Returning to France, his native country, he met Mare Terra at a coffee exhibition and the adventure began. He supports the Logistics Department in the export operation at a national and international level. He is also the Responsible of managing and controlling the sales within the french speaking market.