Sanjuanero, a Decaffeinated Premium Coffee from Colombian Huila has a spicy profile and a bright cinnamon descriptor. Sanjuanero is decaffeinated at Descafecol processing station. Here are 3 facts about its processing: 

Fact 1. To decaffeinate green coffee only fresh spring water and natural Ethyl Acetate extracted from sugar cane are applied.

Fact 2. A ripe Banana contains about 20 times more Ethyl Acetate than Sanjuanero! Due to the water processing, the residuals of Ethyl Acetate in decaffeinated coffee are below 5 ppm. 

Fact 3. There are 3 steps of decaffeination: 

  • Pre-treatment. Coffee beans are steamed with low-pressure steam to remove silver skins. Then they are moistened with hot water to soften the beans and start the hydrolysis of caffeine. 
  • Extraction. Moistened coffee is washed with recirculation of natural Ethyl Acetate in the extracting machines. This procedure repeats several times in order to remove a minimum 97% of the caffeine. Then decaffeinated coffee beans are washed by fresh spring water till there are no traces of Ethyl Acetate left.
  • Post-treatment. Coffee is dried in vacuum drums in order to adjust the final humidity value between 10 % and 12 %. Then it cooled quickly to ambient temperature using air fans. After cooling, coffee is polished with carnauba wax that provides protection against environment humidity.

Decaffeination Flow Chart

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