How does the sky look at night from coffee farms?

Our Specialty coffee from Rwanda and Colombia is named after a star. These million suns gather in groups forming imaginary drawings in the sky every night, the so-called constellations. Dressed up in shiny diamonds up above our heads, these constellations look after coffee at night. Mare Terra Coffee has calculated the exact constellation that shows up in the sky above every origin country in a sky map that we will customize for you.

Would you like to get a customized sky map? Follow the next three steps: 

1. Purchase your star-named coffee lots. Have a look at our Specialty Colombian and Rwandan coffee lots and choose your favorite ones:



2. Send us the logo of your company. Your coffee consultant will guide you. Ask them for the sky map and we will customize the constellation with the lots that you bought. The logo of your company will be added completely free and we will send you the map in the language of your choice: Spanish, English, French, Russian, Italian or Portuguese.

3. Share it with your customers. We can add the logo of your customers instead so that they can use it freely.