The icing to finish an exquisite meal or the perfect dinner is the combination that we propose on this occasion. Together with the master chocolate maker from Cacao Sampaka we have selected the chocolates that best match seven coffee profiles.

Cacao Sampaka is a company that was born to spread the culture of cocoa, recover the tasting of chocolate as a social custom and transmit the passion for this legendary food of the gods.

Who can say no?


  • Coffee: Brasil Catucai Paraiso from the Cerrado Mineiro region of anaerobic process and liquor key descriptor has a score of 88 points by SCA and is part of the Daterra Masterpieces collection.
  • Bonbon: Parmesan cheese, a salty bonbon of the well-known Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, a cheese with a hard and grainy consistency that, with the combination of 70% chocolate, makes an exceptional mix on the palate.


  • Coffee: Brasil Sunrise from the Cerrado Mineiro region whose key descriptor is walnut and an SCA score of 82.25.
  • Bombón: Venezuela 91% is one of our origins with the maximum% of cocoa to create an unforgettable flavor experience. With their characteristic notes of tobacco and wood, they bring us closer to cocoa plantations.


  • Coffee: Mexico Chabela from the Chiapas region of decaffeinated process with water with SCA score of 83, 75 and with key descriptor of spices.
  • Bonbon: Cinnamon bonbon, cloves and nutmeg. Balanced combination of very subtle and aromatic spices that together with chocolate will create a harmony of flavors.


  • Coffee: Colombia Alzir 87, from the Huila coffee region and with an SCA score of 88.25. Licoroso key descriptor.
  • Bonbon: Passion fruit one of the most exotic fruits combined with a layered topping to find a great balance of flavors.


  • Coffee: Ethiopia Sidamo Guji, a natural process coffee, with an SCA score of 86 points and a key descriptor of strawberries.
  • Bonbon: Sesame bonbon, made with one of the richest seeds in oils combined with a 40% cocoa milk coverage, achieves a creamy dairy bonbon with subtle notes of wood.


  • Coffee: Kenya Ibutiti AB from the Muranga's County region, a washed coffee with an SCA score of 87 whose key descriptor is peach.
  • Bonbon: Raspberry bonbon, fruity, creamy and acid an ideal combination to enjoy a good bonbon.


  • Coffee: Ethiopia from the Yirgacheffe region of washed process with an SCA score of 85 and with key descriptor of jasmine flower.
  • Bonbon: Lavender Bonbon, a daring bonbon with a smooth lavender flavor that will help you combine both sweet and salty.

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