On this occasion we combine profiles of specialty coffees with types of honeys, we look for the perfect tandem for each of the profiles we work with: fruity, exotic, lactic, chocolate, spicy, vinous and floral.

To do this we turn to Alemany, a company whose history dates back to the 19th century and which is run by a family that for five generations has been making honey with the best beekeepers.

Its products have been recognized by the Great Taste Awards, which are considered the Oscars of the world of delicatessen food.

Are we traveling to the sweet universe?



  • Coffee: Kenya Ibutiti AB from the Muranga's County region, a washed coffee with an SCA score of 87 whose key descriptor is peach.
  • Honey: Honey with Orange peel from Catalonia, Aragon and Valencia and with Valencian orange peel. Mild flavor with acidic notes.


  • Coffee: Ethiopia from the Yirgacheffe region of washed process with an SCA score of 85 and with key descriptor of jasmine flower.
  • Honey: Honey with Lavender of origin from the regions of Castilla Leon, Guadalajara and Teruel with a smooth taste and acid notes.


  • Coffee: Mexico Chabela from the Chiapas region of decaffeinated process with water with SCA score of 83, 75 and with key descriptor of spices
  • Honey: Honey with turmeric from Catalonia with an intense aroma, typical of turmeric and with a sweet taste.


  • Coffee: Ethiopia Sidamo Guji, a natural process coffee, with an SCA score of 86 points and a key descriptor of strawberries.
  • Honey: Honey with Almond from Catalonia, Aragon and Valencia with a floral aroma, intense and persistent.




  • Coffee: Brazil Catucai Paraiso from the Cerrado Mineiro region of anaerobic process and liquor key descriptor has a score of 88 points by SCA and is part of the Daterra Masterpieces collection.
  • Honey: Sweet and sour orange blossom honey with Muscat with floral and citric aroma.

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