The conjunction of Coffee and Ice Cream is a perfect combination to which we are more or less accustomed but, on this occasion, we want to go a step further and look for the 7 perfect combinations for the chocolate, fruity, exotic, spicy, lactic profiles, floral and vinous.

On this occasion, we turned to Massimo Pignata, owner of the DelaCrem artisan ice cream parlors, a place of worship for lovers of Italian ice cream and whose fame is well deserved because it is due to the high quality of its product, its daily production and a rigorous selection of each of its ingredients.

Who is aiming to find the winning combination?


  • Coffee: Colombia Propus 286 from the Huila region with an SCA score of 88 and natural process.
  • Ice cream: Zabaione, egg cream with liqueur wine with plenty of sun. Some degrees of alcohol balanced by the softness given by the eggs, give a velvety cream with a touch of oak, which is a pleasure for lovers of the genre.


  • Coffee: Colombia Omega Pro from the Huila region with an SCA score of 88.5 and a Wash process.
  • Ice cream: Fior di panna (cream flower), the most difficult classic. It may seem banal, but it is one of the ice creams that they are most proud of. It does not clove, nor does it weigh on the stomach with its milk load, but it is a dairy and cream flavor that is authentic and unmistakable.


  • Coffee: Colombia Mekbuda from the Huila region with an SCA score of 87.5 and a Wash process and notes of yellow fruit.
  • Ice cream: Red fruits, strawberry, raspberry and ribes (or blueberry) mix. The balance between the different fruits and between their sweetness and acidity are the secret of the success of this flavor, which needs fresh fruit to stand out at its maximum.


  • Coffee: Colombia Alzir 87 from the Huila region and with an SCA score of 88.25. A natural process coffee with a liquefied descriptor.
  • Ice Cream: Mango with passion fruit, two of the most exotic fruits come together counteracting the extremes of the other, marking flavors that come from afar and with plenty of sun.


  • Coffee: Kenya Gifted AA from the Kiambu County region and with an SCA score of 88. A washed process coffee.
  • Ice cream: Leche merengada, with a sensitive floral touch, and many lemon peels, which give it a very delicate but marked, unmistakable floral touch.


  • Coffee: Mexico Don Alebrije from the Alto de Chiapas region with a score of 83.5. Decaffeinated with water.
  • Ice Cream: Chai tea, vegan ice cream made with a mix of black tea and spice that transports us to the Indian desert. Cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, pepper (and another depending on the region) give us a tea that pairs well with milk, of any kind.


  • Coffee: Brasil Montecristo from the Cerrado Mineiro region with an SCA score of 81.5 and Natural process whose key descriptor is dark chocolate.
  • Ice cream: Gianduia, the union of chocolate and roasted hazelnuts. A classic for our counter and for lovers of chocolate and its variants.


The affogato is the conjunction of coffee with ice cream par excellence. Ten years ago they released their version, which does not explain that it is very simple and quick to do. We prepare a cup of cappuccino with the ice cream chosen by the client (the equivalent of a small tub) and we put it under the handle of the coffee maker, pouring a little more than an espresso on it. The result is a mix of hot-cold, sweet-sour-sour, which has made it one of the most requested coffees in our bar.

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