Hand in hand with Las Doñas we look for the perfect pairing of profiles between coffee and Jams. Las Doñas is a company that produces its products in an artisanal and daily way with top quality raw materials.


  • Coffee: Kenya Ibutiti AB from the Muranga's County region, a washed coffee with an SCA score of 87 whose key descriptor is peach.
  • Jam: Extra 100% natural orange, a classic flavor but with an authentic result that flees from the artificial.


  • Coffee: Ethiopia Sidamo Guji, a natural process coffee, with an SCA score of 86 points and a key strawberry descriptor.
  • Jam: Pear al Amaretto. Amaretto is a liqueur from Italy whose main ingredient is almonds and which tastes very similar to marzipan.


  • Coffee: Ethiopia from the Yirgacheffe region of washed process with an SCA score of 85 and with key descriptor of jasmine flower.
  • Jam: Peach with lavender. A delicious combination of seasonal fruit with a sweet and powerful flavor that thanks to the lavender flower has a very special aroma.


  • Coffee: Mexico Chabela from the Chiapas region of decaffeinated process with water with SCA score of 83, 75 and with key descriptor of spices.
  • Jam: Apple with cinnamon, a simple but very tasty recipe made with this aromatic spice that provides a sweet and woody flavor.


  • Coffee: Colombia Alzir 87, from the Huila coffee region and with an SCA score of 88.25. Licoroso key descriptor.
  • Jam: Tomato with jalapeños, a jam with a surprising and very original flavor that integrates a Mexican component with the chilies that compose it.


  • Coffee: Brazil Catucai Paraiso from the Cerrado Mineiro region of anaerobic process and liquor key descriptor has a score of 88 points by SCA and is part of the Daterra Masterpieces collection.
  • Jam: Kiwi with cava. Cava is a Spanish sparkling wine with a protected designation of origin and made using the traditional method.
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