Unique Coffee 

We present you 2 extraordinary stories from the Salvadoran region of Apaneca-Ilamatepec. The result of our best experiments we carried out with special fermentation techniques and processes developed by Mare Terra R&D and our team in origin. Unique and unmatched coffees full of nuances. Coffees with their own name, homage and recognition from the Salaverria and Mena family to the person who gives them their name

Know their stories!


Don Jorge



92 SCA -Exotic - Hazelnut liqueur

This Geisha is a very special coffee, just as it had to have a special name. We decided to name him "Don Jorge" in honor of our grandfather. Even though we did not know him in life, we got to know him through the stories of our father. He was a serious man with a lot of discipline, but at the same time funny in his own way. Someone with a lot of vision and who always did the right thing, no matter what the circumstances. He was the one who passed on his knowledge of coffee growing to our father and also the one who built the Beneficio Galicia, where we still process the coffees we grow today. We are now the 6th generation of the family in coffee production and we continue to do so with great effort. This effort is reflected in the quality of this "Don Jorge" lot.

-Mena Avilez Brothers

Papa Nono






90,5 SCA - Winey - Champagne

The name Papa Nono honors the legacy of Father Jose Antonio Salaverria SR and grandfather of Andres Salaverria, who was known by the name "Papa Nono". Coffee is a generational business in the Salaverria family which has always worked with much passion and love for coffee growing. Papanono was part of the third generation of the family in coffee, followed by Jose Antonio Salaverria Borja (4th generation) who today works with his son Andres (5th generation). Papanono, always instilled a principle of teamwork and this lot is a clear example of the result of good work put from the collection of the fruit in its optimum point, its process of COLD FERMENTATION, until its export process. Just as we have fought for this lot, we will fight to have many more of equal or better quality in the future, following the legacy of our ancestors, always with the passion for coffee that has characterized us as a family.

-Salaverria Family


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