Unique Coffee  

3 unique stories from the Bensa coffee district in the Sidama region of Ethiopia The result of our most outstanding experiments at origin with special fermentation and processing techniques developed by Mare Terra R&D . Unique and unrepeatable coffees full of nuances. Coffees with their own name, a tribute and recognition from the Daye Bensa team to the commitment of the person who gives them their name.

Know their stories!


Bosha Dukamo


91,25 SCA - Fruity - Passion fruit

Bosha is a co-founder of Daye Bensa. He is the person who discovered the farm area and proposed the company to buy the farm land from which all the experiments came from. 

While Daye Bensa has been working with out-grower processing for many years, it was Bosha's own project to acquire the land that is today Shantewene Farm. The farm has a very small processing station for naturals, with many drying beds, including under shade netting. This lot is produced with out-grower cherries, from very tiny "garden-farmers" around Shantawene Village. Cherries were meticulously selected and rinsed, before being put on the tables to dry with our mountain dry method.



Atiklet Dejene


92 SCA - Exotic - Mango

Atiklet is an experienced trained agronomist. She joined Daye a few years back and is dedicated to revolutionise coffee processing. She kept strict control of our experiments and guided the station's teams during every single task, from weighting and sorting to recording all important data. These experiments are possible because of her. 

The cherries used in this process are from Daye's own farm, Shantawene.  There were two tweaks to this natural lot: first, a "cold" anaerobic fermentation, done in plastic tanks protected by shade, for a more uniform and steady fermentation, followed by drying in plastic "sleeping bags". 


Elias Dukamo


90,5 SCA - Exotic - Liqueurs

Elias is part of a younger generation of the Dukamo family. In Addis he's responsible for marketing, while at the field, he helped coordinate the whole experimental process. Project manager, tour guide, driver, Eliyas enthusiasm about coffee and experimentation kept everyone's spirits high during our many days of hard work together.

This lot was also produced with cherries delivered by out-grower farmers, this time from around Karamo Village, carried back to Shantawene grounds to be processed by Daye Bensa attentive team. Cherries were meticulously selected and rinsed, before being put on the tables to dry with our mountain dry method.





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