Unique Coffee 

We present you 8 unique stories from the heart of Huila, in Colombia. The result of our most outstanding experiments with fermentation techniques and special processes developed by Mare Terra R&D and our team in origin. Unique and unrepeatable coffees full of nuances. Coffees with their own names, homage and recognition of the coffee grower who has given the name to the one who has dedicated it.

Know their stories!


Adriana Berdugo



92 SCA - Winey - Champagne

The pillar of my life is my family, I thank God every day for feeling so loved, Adriana, my wife, thank you for giving me the gift of being a father. This stage of my life, forming a family, has taught me what is the purest love, the love of a father who is willing to give everything for them, my wife and my two daughters, for their safety and happiness. Just looking at them and seeing them smile makes me infinitely happy. For this reason I want to give the best of me in my work by offering the best product and giving the name to the love of my life, my wife, the woman God put in my way.

- José Heider Contreras

Jesús Bernal (Chucho)



92 SCA - Exotic - Liqueurs

When I was able to give a name to a café, my brother came to mind, Tito for me, Jesús Bernal in formal, and Chucho for everyone in our land.
With him I learned to have fun on the long road that we had to travel every day to get to school. There were days when the long road and the fun, "the slippery slope", took our time and when we finally reached school it was time to leave, the classes had ended, instead of the time we had started, but we learned so much together about happiness and fun that now growing coffee we continue to have fun, and this coffee confirms for me that fun also leads to success.

- Herson Bernal

Keila Paola Gonzales



90,5 SCA - Floral - Jasmine

This coffee that fills me with pride I have decided to name it after my eldest daughter, Keila Paola Gonzalez, because they grew up together, the coffee plantations that have made it possible and her.
Newly born, with no other choice neither with her nor with the coffee plants, I take her with me, every morning of the world without exception, when I went up to the field. There under the shade of a stone she remained, but while tending to the field one of my eyes was always watching her. The "flies" came and with my shirt I protected her and every time one of them bit me, I thought, if it's mine, it's not hers, that's why I want it to be called that way, for every bite a cherry, for every cherry a smile from Keila Paola, the pride of a father, the pride of a coffee grower.

- Efrain Gonzales

Laura Valentina Contreras



91,5 SCA - Fruity - Tropical fruits

Laura Valentina was my "debut" in the experience of being a father, I was moved and filled with joy and strength. The love that she gives naturally and what she likes to play, have fun and enjoy, makes it easy for me to fight every day. Following what my parents left me in their inheritance, "to be a person who fights for his dreams and those of his family". I have achieved this through one of the most humble and enriching jobs: "growing coffee", and now, with the pride of this coffee, I just think it carries his name.

- José Heider Contreras


Lhaurita Cantillo



91 SCA - Exotic - Tropical fruits

My mom.
Woman who in spite of all the adversities and alone against the world, with love, tenacity, effort and sacrifice gave everything for the well-being of her five children ... Which she achieved by placing her hands, eyes and legs behind a sewing machine all her life...
This coffee is named after him in gratitude for that.

- Jaime Figueroa



Luz Enith Suarez



92 SCA - Exotic - Rum

What I wanted to call this café, they asked me, no doubt, Luz Enith Suarez, in recognition and thanks to my wife. It was exceptional, like her, also the result of this land that I love, where I was born and raised and which has allowed me to sustain my life. But I am not fooled, the pillar that has supported, accompanied and inspired me to make it possible has been her. I am proud to share this success with all those who enjoy it, but above all with her, together we have achieved it.

- Luis Antonio Contreras


Luis Santiago Contreras



90 SCA - Lactic - Chocolaty

Every morning I hope to do a great job by dedicating myself to the projects I have to achieve. New knowledge and experiences that result in a quality of life as a coffee grower, so that all this is possible I have a pillar that inspires me to grow, my son. Every morning we begin the day with a fraternal hug and a delicious cup of coffee from our farm, both of which fill me with joy, one each time I see him running around our house full of life and health, the other, imagining homes with the happiness with which our home is fed. This coffee bears his name because we hope, his mother and I, that he will be a great professional and in the future say with pride "the best coffee is grown on our farm".

- Luis Antonio Contreras

Maria Victoria Contreras



91,5 SCA - Fruity - Passion fruit

My second daughter, inspiration, more, there is always more room, to get up every day and walk with her smile, she is always smiling, in my memory to the farm to give the best of me as I was raised by my parents, "to be a person who fights for his dreams and those of his family.
She has that "mischievous sweetness" that I don't know if it inspired the coffee or if drinking it leads me, in my unconscious, to her, whatever it is, the reality is that both at work and in the family I want to give my best and do it by being an example to follow, fighting to offer the best product: "An excellent cup of hot coffee!

- José Heider Contreras


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