We have been in the wonderful region of Apaneca Ilamatepec, El Salvador, a biosphere reserve since 2007. This region is known for its abundant vegetation, where coffee plantations make up a beautiful mosaic involcanic landscape.

Together with the Salaverria family, and the entire team of Jasal, our partner in origin, we have been working to offer the best coffees in this Central American country.

During our stay, we have checked first hand the picking, the cherry selection and the work of the engineers with the cutters, besides choosing also the farms where we carry out our new experiments.

In order to carry out these experiments, we wanted to pay special attention to the modification of the fermentation times and to such important variables as, for example, the temperature of the fermentation.

On this occasion, we wanted to carry out 8 experiments, all of them exceptional "recipes" of Mare Terra R&D

  • Ice Ice Baby
  • Kenyan Process by MTC
  • Combined Honey
  • Natural Cold Fermentation
  • Natural Hot Fermentation
  • Natural Triple Fermentation
  • Natural Sleeping Bag
  • Extra long whased

Very soon we can offer you the first results!