On October 7-10, Moscow will host the annual event PIR Coffee Expo for professionals of the coffee and tea industries.

Our sourcer Timur Dudkin will give a speech on October 8 at 15:00 at the venue "Hall Product" .

His topic: The Coffee Evolution. We have asked Timur to share a teaser of his speech:  

"At exhibitions, forums and other coffee events, we are looking for new knowledge, new coffee, new experience. It is time to stop for an hour and reflect on the evolution of the coffee business and coffee profiles. Have we moved forward? 

  • Coffee flavor. What do you mean talking about coffee flavor? How has it changed?
  • The culture of coffee consumption. One of the most common phrases that can be heard at the forums is something like that “We develop and move the specialty coffee culture on!”  How do you develop it? Where do you develop it? What kind of culture are you moving on? 
  • A risk curve of the coffee evolution.
  • Who does make money in the coffee business?  Has the industry been changed over the last 10 years?

These questions seem very interesting to me and, perhaps, you know the answers to them. Well, or you think that you know them."

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