On February 28th we held a Premium Coffee Cupping in the Bulgarian city of Sofia. We were in the central cultural space of Espace Port A, located in the city center, a cultural monument with architecture from the early twentieth century.

The event was intended to publicize a selection of Premium coffees and also consisted of a brief presentation of the different origins, as well as a tasting of them.  The coffees that we chose for this tasting, have a SCA score of sensorial profile higher than 80 points, with less than 10 defects per 350 grams

The tasting is carried out together with our partner in the city, Martines Ltd. The entity has as main objectives to provide the best quality and the best attention to its customers, for which it has a great reputation in the commercial channels of Horeca and Vending. 

At the end we were able to taste local craft beers with profiles close to the chosen coffees.   

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