The long-awaited coffee from Rwanda just arrived at the port of Barcelona, and we take this opportunity to share some information about the coffee production in this amazing African country.   

Сoffee is cultivated throughout Rwanda. The country is divided into 5 provinces, each province is divided into districts. We have selected the most interesting coffee lots from Gatsibo (Western province), Gakenke (Northern province), Nyaruguru (Southern province) and Rutsiro (Eastern province) districts. 

Сoffee is cultivated throughout Rwanda

There is 1 harvest per year in Rwanda. In the Western and Southern Provinces it starts at the end of January. The latest harvest starts in August in the mountains of the Eastern province.   

There is 1 harvest per year in Rwanda

Premium and specialty coffee is cultivated at an altitude of 1600-2000 m.a.s.l. As a rule, in Rwanda farmers don't form parts of cooperatives and they can choose a buyer of their product. Most of processing stations are private as well. 

In Rwanda farmers don't form parts of cooperatives

Our partner Emmanuel Rusatira leads his family coffee company BAHO. In Kinyarwanda language Baho means "to be a strong man who could overcome any difficulties". 

Emmanuel Rusatira with his family

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