Exceptional Processes in El Salvador 2020

Our team travels to the Aneca Ilamatepec region in El Salvador with the objective of carrying out 8 experiments from which we expect very good results in the cup. The proposed recipes are based on the realization of new and exceptional processes that so far have not been carried out in this area and that are based on the new recipes that the R&D department has developed.

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Young Farmers of Huila: new coffee profiles

In this project we work together with Huila's small scale producers at COOCENTRAL - Cooperativa Central de Caficultures del Huila. In a collaboration between Mare Terra and COOCENTRAL Lab and Agronomy teams, we study how different variables in the fermentation process can affect the final cup quality, achieving unusual (and surprising) results. 

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Comparative Study of Roasting Machines, 2019

Research to compare the two different roasting systems used by the Loring, Giesen and Probat roasters. To do this, we carry out tests with the roasting of four different types of coffee in different roasting profiles and that we taste in different time spaces.

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