Exceptional Processes in El Salvador 2020


El Salvador

Apaneca Ilamatepec Region

Our team travels to the Aneca Ilamatepec region in El Salvador to work with the Salaverria family and the entire Jasal team with the aim of carrying out 8 experiments from which we expect very good cup results.

During the time of our stay we have observed the cherry picking, the selection of the cherry and the work done by the cutting engineers.

In the days before the experiments were carried out, we carefully selected the farms that meet the appropriate conditions for their realization.

R&D recipes

Experiments with Fermentation

The proposed recipes are based on the realization of new and exceptional processes that so far have not been carried out in this area and that are based on the new recipes that the R&D department has developed.

In these new investigations both the fermentation times and their temperatures have been modified:

  • Ice ice baby
  • Kenyan Process by MTC
  • Combined honey
  • Natural Cold Fermentation
  • Natural Hot Fermentation
  • Natural Triple Fermentation
  • Natural Sleeping Bag
  • Extra Long Whased