Fermentations in Muranga, Kenya



Muranga County

In November 2019 we traveled to East Africa to work in the wonderful country of Kenya, a land that conquers us due to the great diversity of its culture and a truly unique country, with unrepeatable coffee: intense, juicy, vibrant and normally known for its washed coffees.

The country takes its name from the highest summit, Mount Kenya, and 30% of its GDP comes from tea and coffee, its privileged geographical situation contributes to this since it is located on the equator.

Muranga County is a fertile area with phosphoric soils and altitude farms, which is why traditional agriculture is the most important economic activity always carried out by small producers.



Ibutiti and Chemar

This time we work with two farms that we already know very well Ibutiti and Chemar, both located around 1800 meters.

The Ibutiti farm with which we have been working for more than two years, is managed by Mercy Murathe and in this third year we are working to implement new processes, although this year we are already expecting results with some wonderful lots from this farm. The Chemar farm, which is located very close to that of Ibutiti, is run by two young Kenyans: brothers David and Álex.

The first two days of work, we calibrated the collectors, explaining the importance of harvesting the ripe cherries, as this directly affects the quality of the cup.




Natural process

The first of our challenges is to change the washed coffee and carry out a natural process. At the Ibutiti farm we implemented three new processes:

  • Natural Aerobic with Sleeping bag method
  • Natural with Anaerobic Cold Fermentation
  • Natural with Hot Anaerobic Fermentation

At the Chemar farm we also put into operation two new processes for them, since it is the first year that we implemented it on this farm:

  • Natural with anaerobic cold fermentations
  • Natural with hot anaerobic fermentations