Specialty Robustas in San Marcos, Guatemala



San Marcos

Guatemala is a country of volcanoes covered in tropical forests, a country known for growing excellent quality Arabica coffee and supplying around 3.5 million bags a year. But there is an unknown fact for most people and that is that the robusta variety is also cultivated here.

In fact, Robusta cultivation represents 40% of world coffee production, but is mainly associated with a cheap commercial product. Our question is Can robust be sweet, clean and exceptional? And in Guatemala, we found the answer ... of course yes!

Guatemala is a special place where, under special conditions, our unique Robusta Especial project was born.




This project began last year and we continue this year with him in the oldest region of the country in the cultivation of coffee, it is San Marcos in western Guatemala and at an altitude of approximately 1000 meters above sea level.

The Panorama Farm, which is very close to the border with the country of Mexico, is run by the Coto family: Samuel and Stuardo. We highlight from them the good work they do, in which they give extreme importance to the training of their workers and also to the improvement of conditions.

Without a doubt, we are an excellent place to carry out the tests and experiments that we have planned from the R&D department.



We keep moving forward

Last year we were lucky enough to work with Finca Panorama where micro experiments were carried out and the results we tested were quite interesting. This aroused our attention to continue working together and improve the project.

This year we decided to make some adjustments and we prepared 4 special batches:

  • Robust washing (48 hours of fermentation)
  • Kenyan process (Dry fermentation)
  • Ice ice baby fermentation
  • Honey combined.




Volcán Tajumulco

Volcán Tajumulco Organic Decaffeinated Nano lot SCA Score 59.25 COE Score Country Guatemala Coffee region San Marcos Profile Chocolaty Key Descriptor...

Volcán Tacaná

Volcán Tacaná Organic Decaffeinated Nano lot SCA Score 57.5 COE Score Country Guatemala Coffee region San Marcos Profile Chocolaty Key Descriptor...

Barrancas del Galvez