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José Heider Contreras

"I am a coffee farmer passionate about my work and dedicated to my family."

Productor de café verde Jose Heider

Producer José Heider

“For me the field represents the greatest wealth that life has given me, that is why I made the decision to start growing coffee and project myself to grow personally and economically. In 2002 I began to cultivate the first coffee trees in a lot that my mother gave me to start growing in the farm that today is called El Descanso”. The effort and eagerness to do a good job make José Heider work to obtain the best results in his coffees, which makes him feel proud of the dedication with which he works on his farm.

Why are you involved in coffee growing?

The field represents the greatest wealth that life has given me, that is why I made the decision to start growing coffee and project myself to grow personally and economically, dedicating myself completely to coffee growing every day fills me with satisfaction and pride.

How long have you been working in coffee production?

In the year 2002, I began to to cultivate the first coffee trees in a lot that my mother gave me to start growing on the farm that today is called the DESCANSO, managing to obtain every year good results in terms of production and today complete 19 wonderful years in the coffee growing.

Producer José Heider picking coffee cherries from his farm-01.

What is the most satisfying part of your job?

Every day I strive to deliver the best results that represent my coffee, with all the scripts and accompaniment provided by the professionals, that is why the most satisfying part of my work, is toshow my coffee in any of the presentations and to have a high level of compliments expressed to me, makes me feel proud of the dedication that I have on my farm.

What are the most critical moments in the production process of your coffees?

The most critical point in the whole process of the production of my coffee is that the moment of harvesting the fruits arrives and I do not have the ideal personnel for the job, and the whole process is delayed.

What stage in the harvest do you consider the most important?

For the harvest, more space should be available for the drying of the coffee, for this reason I consider that the most important thing is to be able to count on adequate facilities to be able to carry out this process without altering the quality of the coffee.

What is the most delicate stage in the coffee production process?

The most delicate stage of the production process of my coffeeis the separation of the fruits: from the green, the pinto and the dry ones, to leave only the ripe fruits, where I obtain the desired quality to continue with the process.

What quality controls do you apply to your coffees in the production chain?

The quality controls I apply are as follows:
– Separation of fruits (green, pinto and dry).
– Drying control.
– Moisture control in the cellar after drying.

How many members does your coffee production process team have?

I have a staff of 4 professionals dedicated to all stages of coffee cultivation and harvesting.
Views of the farm El Descanso Natural in the coffee origin Colombia

What is the coffee culture like in your region?

The culture of my region is traditional, the dedicated work of the coffee growers allows them to sustain their farms along with their families, always developing the same activities to cultivate and sell their coffee in the nearest town.

What does sustainability mean to you?

To have my farm in constant development, organizing the daily activities and accompanied by a great work team that helps me to meet the goals established during a period of time, with the purpose of generating income and great benefits for my company and my family.

What information would you like to receive from roasters about your coffees?

I would like you to answer a series of questions that will help me improve my work:
– What profile are you looking for in my coffee?
– What are the varieties of coffee that you like to roast?
– What is the best roasting degree for natural coffee?

What is the social aspect that worries you the most in the sector?

Seek the means and resources to discourage child labor in order to invest in the education and training of children and young people.
Fina El Edén of producer José Heider

How is your farm different from others in the same region?

My farm differs from others in the sector in that we are trained to carry out processes to improve the quality of the coffee.

What do you think the future will be like for coffee farms?

A hopeful future, where they can grow as a company generating decent jobs and providing sustainability to their families socially and economically.

What is your coffee dream?

My coffee dream is to win the best specialty coffee contests and to be able to visit the stores where my coffee is sold.

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