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Luis Antonio Contreras

"Love for my family and dedication to my work."

Green coffee producer Luis Antonio Contreras from the coffee-growing region of Huila, Colombia.

Producer Luis Antonio Contreras

“I dedicate myself to coffee growing because since I was young I have worked in coffee plantations and I am happy with my family and with my dedication to my work.
Luis Antonio Contreras is the son of coffee growers and started coffee farming to support his family.
With the death of his father, Luis, together with his mother and siblings, took care of the farm.
Over the years, the Contreras brothers divided the farm so that they could each work with their families on their crops.

Why are you involved in coffee growing?

I dedicate myself to coffee growing thanks to my parents, who taught me to work in the fields, giving me support to cultivate and work the land.

How long have you been working in coffee production?

I have been growing coffee for 22 years.

Cerezas de café de la Finca El Descanso, Colombia

What is the most satisfying part of your job?

When I present my coffee and obtain important results in terms of quality.

What are the most critical moments in the production process of your coffees?

When there is a large rainy season that coincides with the time of coffee harvesting.

What stage in the harvest do you consider the most important?

The coffee fermentation process.

What is the most delicate stage in the coffee production process?

For me, the most delicate stage is the coffee drying process.

What quality controls do you apply to your coffees in the production chain?

Among the various quality processes we apply, these would be the main ones:
– Good fertilization
– Good harvesting of coffee beans
– Pest and weed control

How many members does your coffee production process team have?

When we are not harvesting, we have an average of 4 to 6 people working onthe farm from Monday to Saturday.
Cafeto de la finca El Descanso, Colombia

What is the coffee culture like in your region?

The coffee culture in my region is very traditional.

What does sustainability mean to you?

Good agricultural practices.

What information would you like to receive from roasters about your coffees?

I would like to receive information about the quality, profile and cup of all my coffees.

What is the social part that worries you most in the sector?

Environmental contamination.

Coffee cherries from the El Descanso farm of producer Luis Antonio Contreras.

How is your farm different from others in the same region?

My farm is very productive and has several certifications that make it stand out from other farms.

What do you think the future will be like for coffee farms?

I think it will depend on the sustainability of the field.

What is your coffee dream?

Visiting a coffeeshop in Europe.

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