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Mannasses Kibochi

"My dream is to continue working to ensure good quality and more quantity in the production of my coffees."

Green coffee producer Mannasses Kibochi and his family

Producer Mannasses Kibochi

“Since I was a little boy I have worked cultivating the land, until I decided to specialize in growing coffee. In 2005 I became a coffee farmer, although I had been helping my father manage his coffee farm since I was very young.” Moses Kamura’s father was a coffee producer, he was the one who taught him to work in the fields and he was the one who transmitted to him the respect and passion for coffee. Upon his father’s death, he inherited a part of the family estate which he named Gifted as it was a gift from his father. Moses began to work hard on the land to obtain good results in his harvest, today his coffees stand out for their quality. Moses is an innovative producer, who differentiates himself from other producers in his region because he produces some of his coffees with a natural process, being in Kenya the washed process the traditional method.

Why are you involved in coffee growing?

I am dedicated to coffee growing by family tradition, I am the third generation of coffee growers in my family, I inherited the farm when my father passed away..

How long have you been working in coffee production?

Since I was a child I have worked helping my father in the cultivation of coffee in the family farm, I have been a producer since 2008, it was then when I started to produce my own coffees in the Spikes farm.

Spikes Farm of Kenyan Coffee Origin

What is the most satisfying part of your job?

I am passionate about coffee growing and I make a good living from it.

What are the most critical moments in the production process of your coffees?

A critical point for me in the production of the lots is the drying process of the drying process of the coffeeIt has to be uniform because this stage, like many others, will be important in the nuances that we will find in the flavors of the coffee.

What stage in the harvest do you consider the most important?

Each one of the stages in the process of our coffees is important, I could not choose one because all the stages are important.

What is the most delicate stage in the coffee production process?

The stage that I consider the most delicate is the drying of the coffee.

What quality controls do you apply to your coffees in the production chain?

Among the quality controls that I apply to my coffees, I would highlight two that I personally supervise: the fumigation of the coffee trees and the harvesting of the cherries at their optimum point of ripeness.

How many members does your coffee production process team have?

On the farm we work 4 people all year round, this varies during the harvest season when we work about 15 people.
Mannasses Kibochi green coffee producer Mannasses Kibochi's Spikes Farm

What is the coffee culture like in your region?

The coffee culture in my region is mainly based on small producers that sell their coffee to nearby cooperatives.

What does sustainability mean to you?

To ensure that coffee growers have sustainable prices, in this way the producer will continue to work for a long time with continuity and security, and his children and grandchildren will also be able to do so.

What information would you like to receive from roasters about your coffees?

From the coffee roasters, I would like to know what opinion they have about the lots we produce.

What is the social part that worries you most in the sector?

The social aspect that worries me in my sector is that young people want to dedicate themselves less and less to the agricultural sector.
Green coffee producer Mannasses Kibochi at his farm Spikes

How is your farm different from others in the same region?

I believe that the difference is that we follow all the necessary procedures that must be followed at each stage of production, in order to obtain the best quality coffees.

What do you think the future will be like for coffee farms?

I believe that the future of coffee farms will depend on prices, if they are maintained, there will be more farmers who will be able to invest more resources in their farms.

What is your coffee dream?

My coffee dream is to continue producing coffee in the land that my father taught me to cultivate and love, following this legacy generation after generation.

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