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Moses Kamura

"Coffee growing is my passion."

Moses Kamura, green coffee producer in the Kiambu coffee growing region, Kenya

Producer Moses Kamura

“Agriculture is my passion, since I was a child I have worked cultivating the land, until I decided to specialize in growing coffee.
In 2005 I became a coffee producer, although I had been managing my father’s farm with my brothers since I was very young.
When my father passed away, and thanks to the land he left me as an inheritance, I became a coffee farmer on what is now the Gifted farm”.

Why are you involved in coffee growing?

My father left me part of his land as an inheritance and little by little I have been building my own farm.

How long have you been working in coffee production?

All my life I have worked in coffee growing, but since 2005, I started working as a coffee grower in the land that is today the Gifted farm growing specialty coffees.

Gifted Farm of green coffee producer Moses Kamura

What is the most satisfying part of your job?

What satisfies me the most and what I am most passionate about is being a coffee grower, and to go through the process of roasting and tasting the fruits of my efforts is something great.

What are the most critical moments in the production process of your coffees?

In the production of coffee we find several critical moments, one of them for me is the washing of the coffees,since it is one of the processes in which one must be extremely careful.

What stage in the harvest do you consider the most important?

Mainly the harvesting of the fruit, since this stage involves a lot of time and effort.

What is the most delicate stage in the coffee production process?

The most delicate stage is the coffee washing process, since it determines many flavors that are reflected in the final cup.

What quality controls do you apply to your coffees in the production chain?

The quality controls we apply are as follows:
-That the coffee is at its optimum point of maturation.
-Cleaning of fruits.
-For us, harvesting is one of the most important parts of the production process of our coffees, and my wife is responsible for and supervises this control.

How many members does your coffee production process team have?

On the farm we work 4 people all year round, this varies during the harvest season when we work about 10 people.
Gifted farm in the coffee origin Kenya

What is the coffee culture like in your region?

The coffee culture in my region is mainly based on small producers that sell their coffee to nearby cooperatives.

What does sustainability mean to you?

To base my project on being respectful of the environment, both in my life and in the production of my coffees.

What is the social part that worries you most in the sector?

The social aspect that worries me in my sector is that young people want to dedicate themselves less and less to the agricultural sector.
Gifted farm of coffee origin Kenya

What information would you like to receive from roasters about your coffees?

I would like to know the opinion that coffee roasters have of my coffees. I would also like to share with them my dedication, the care that I put into my crops and the dedication in the production of my coffees, always trying to produce the best lots applying improvements harvest after harvest.

How is your farm different from others in the same region?

The difference between my farm and the rest of the region is that I have begun to produce naturally processedcoffees.

What do you think the future will be like for coffee farms?

I think that the future of coffee farms will be an advance in technology that will help the evolution of producers, as well as an increase in the number of buyers visiting our farms.

What is your coffee dream?

My coffee dream is to continue producing coffee in the land that my father taught me to cultivate and love, following this legacy generation after generation.

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