Unique Coffee 

Aldo Onofrio Annese Rossanda

A coffee with its own name, with an unrepeatable exotic profile. 90.5 SCA, the result of our most outstanding recipe and exceptional cherries

Natural process with combined fermentation.

Aldo Onofrio Annese Rossanda



Exotic - Fruits -Lily

Don Aldo Onofrio Annese during the difficult period of the Italian economic recovery. After finishing his studies to be an industrial expert, a 24yr old Aldo emigrated to Venezuela where an uncle of his had his own footwear factory. It was there in Venezuala where Don Aldo started his 35 year venture into the hotel industry that led him to Park Hotel, in the Guatemalan region in Coban AltaVerapaz..

Don Aldo has combined his passions for business, the arts, design, and construction to cultivate some unique specialty coffees.

Don Aldo´s efforts to cultivate these esquisite coffees, in large part lies with his work spent on regenerating the land and increasing its biodiversity. The respect and awareness for the common good and health of the environement and its community shows in the values of the generations who follow him. Don Aldo has set an example that leads and inspires others, his dedication for excellence and a sustainable business is not only evident in the cup from Finca Aurora, but can be seen and felt in the greater communities of Central America.

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