Specialty coffee and craft beer, while apparently two separate worlds, are not.

They have much more in common than we can imagine: the selection of quality grains and the delicate roasting process is what makes the difference in terms of the developed aromas and the final result of the two drinks. With Tibidabo Brewing and our team of tasters we find the perfect mix and we prepare 6 profiles for each of the products: chocolate, vinous, fruity, spicy, floral and exotic.


  • Coffee: Panche Siquila from the Tolima region with an SCA score of 84.25 and washed process whose key descriptor is orange
  • Beer: Black Pop Ink, stout style and bitterness 22. A beer with 6.3% alcohol with notes of licorice and dark chocolate.



  • Coffee: Organic Reserve from the Cerrado Mineiro region with an SCA score of 87 and a pulped process.
  • Beer: Citra Mosaic of the New England IPA style with hops of citra and mosaic and of medium and bitter flavor. Alcoholic grade of 5,6%.


  • Coffee: Coffcak from the Central Aceh region with a score of 83.5. Wet Hullet process.
  • Beer: Jazzblat made of German wheat and pale golden color, medium body and an alcohol content of 5%.


  • Coffee: Pollux FMI from Huila region and with an SCA score of 88. A washed process coffee.
  • Beer: Lost in the Forest IPA style, amber color and with a medium and bitter body. Alcoholic grade of 5,7%.


  • Coffee: Pedro José Guzmán Oliveros from the Huila region and with an SCA score of 90.25. An Anaerobic process.
  • Beer: Little Hazy an IPA session of pale gold color and an alcohol content of 4.7%.

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