Find below a calendar of the main coffee events of the year. We will constantly update the calendar, as the organizers publish new events and dates. We hope it would be useful for you to plan your year.

Coffee events 2019

Date Event City Country
 March 1-3  Amsterdam Coffee Festival  Amsterdam  Holand
 March 13-15   Coffee & Tea Russian Expo  Moscow  Russia
 March 22-24   Lisbon Coffee Fest  Lisbon  Portugal
 March 14-15   Spain Coffee Festival   Toledo  Spain
 March 28-31  London Coffee Festival  London  UK
 April 8-11  Specialty Coffee Expo  Boston  USA
 April 26-27  Tallin Coffee Festival  Tallin   Estonia
 May 20  Producer & Roaster Forum  Guatemala  Guatemala
 May 24-25  Zagreb Coffee Break  Zagreb   Croatia
 June 6-10   World of Coffee  Berlin  Germany 
 June 21-23   Café! Festival & Expo  Paris  France
 October 5   Edinburgh Coffee Festival  Edinburgh  UK
 October 25-26   Encuentros Cafeteros   Barcelona  Spain
 November 11-13  Europe & Middle East Coffee Symposium 2019  Dubai  UAE
 November 30  Milan Coffee Festival  Milan  Italy
 December 9-11   SIAL 2019  Abu Dhabi  UAE


See you! 


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