On the occasion of International Book Day we decided to make a very special pairing, we looked for the gastronomic book that best represents the descriptive profile of coffee. For this, we have the help of Jesús Sánchez, director of the gastronomic magazine Con Mucha Gula, a reference space for lovers of good food and tourism, highly recommended for the variety and originality of its publications.

Are you ready for this gastronomic journey?


  • Coffee: Brasil Montecristo from the Cerrado Mineiro region with an SCA score of 81.5 and Natural process whose key descriptor is dark chocolate.
  • Book: Casa Cacao The journey back to the origin of the cocoa by Jordi Roca and Ignacio Medina. Editorial Planeta Gastro.


  • CoffeeColombia Mekbuda from the Huila region with an SCA score of 87.5 and a Wash process and notes of yellow fruit.
  • Book: Fruit, the best pastry chef in the world has completely revolutionized the world of sweets at the Parisian hotel Le Meurice not only with his desserts, but also with his reconstituted Cédric Grolet “fruits”. Montagud Publishing House.


  • Coffee: Colombia Propus 286 from the Huila region with an SCA score of 88 and natural process.
  • BookEl gusto de la nariz, a dialogue between two great experts to discover the true relationship between cuisine and wine by Agustí Peris and Miguel Sánchez Romera. Editorial Planeta Gastro.


  • Coffee: México Don Alebrije from the Alto de Chiapas region and scoring 83.5. Decaffeinated with water.
  • Book: La cocina aromática, all the science of cooking aromas at François Chartier's house. Editorial Planeta Gastro.


  • Coffee: Colombia Alzir 87 from the Huila region and with an SCA score of 88.25. A natural process coffee with a liquefied descriptor.
  • Book: Mi primer libro de cocina japonesa,  an easy and simple manual covering all kinds of recipes, from side dishes to desserts by Aya Nishimura and Lisa Linder. Lunwerg Editors.


  • Coffee: Kenia Gifted AA from the Kiambu County region and with an SCA score of 88. A washed process coffee.
  • BookFarmacy Kitchen Herbal recipes for a conscious life by Camilla Fayed. Dome Books.


  • Coffee: Colombia Omega Pro from the Huila region with an SCA score of 88.5 and the Lavado process.
  • Book: La Ciencia de la leche, principles of the milk technique of Alais Charles. Editorial Reverte.


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