Unique Coffee  

3 unique stories from the Kenyan region of Murang'a. These are the results of our first ever trial of making natural processed coffees in Kenya, at Chemar and Ibutiti farm, two neighbouring farms near Kirwara town. These are not only unique lots, full of nuances in the cup, but the tribute of a new generation of young farmers very much involved in the daily run of their family farms. Sons and daughter excited to try new fermentation and drying techniques yet recognizing all the work their parents have done over the last decades.

Coffees with their own name, tribute and recognition to the Gatuhi and Chege families and the commitment their parents have shown to their families and community. We hope our coffees can help carry these stories forward.


William W. Gatuhi



90 SCA - Chocolaty - Dark chocolate

"Dad, you gave us the greatest gift anyone could give to their kids – You Believed in Us!! Dad, you didn't tell us how to live; you lived, and let us watch you do it. We followed in your steps. We will always remember you Dad because there'll never be another one to replace you in our hearts, and the love we will always have for you."

Wine importer, politician, father, husband and a very charismatic coffee farmer, Wiliam was the head of Ibutiti until 2017 when he passed away. Today his wife and kids pay tribute to him. For this lot, ripe cherries were sorted meticulously and rinsed before fermentation. This anaerobic lot was fermented in closed barrels under the sun for at least 60 hours before drying in sleeping bags.  



Paul Chege Kiarie



90 SCA - Exotic - Acetic

We"Love Our Dad. We don't just love him; we're proud of him and proud to be like him in inany ways. We might not say this enough, and there were years of hurtful stuff (including punches ........... ..) flung at him while we were both figuring out who we were in our teenage years that we probably should work harder to undo with our words now... but we're really, really thankful that "Our Dad Is Our Dad" . 

This anaerobic lot was fermented in plastic barrels completely on the shade. The whole process was managed closely by son David Chege, with help of his brother Alex and the rest of the family. We can safely say three generations of Cheges have put their hands into making this experiment. 



Mercy W. Gatuhi



90 SCA - Chocolaty - Dark chocolate

"We feel so blessed even after the passing on of our Father that we have you Mum.

Through your commitment to Ibutiti Farm, you support over 100 family households. Moreover, you have led the Farm to much greater heights; even achieving some of the most superior coffees in the region. Again, we appreciate your devotion to helping the elderly in our community. May the Almighty God Continue Blessing You Abundantly!!"

This cold anaerobic fermentation was fermented in plastic barrels under shade for at least 60 hours. As cherries are picked over many different days, and the daily volume is not very big specially at the beginning of the crop, small batches of 40 Kg of cherries are processed at a single time. 




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