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Francisco José Remberto, a coffee with its own name, with an unrepeatable 90.5 SCA score and fruity profile, the result of our most outstanding recipe and exceptional cherries.Natural process with cold anaerobic fermentation

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Francisco José Remberto


90,5 SCA - Fruity - Kiwi

The name Francisco José Remberto honours JASAL's teamwork as well as the collaborative efforts of all of JASAL’s partners and specially honours those in charge of Finca San Francisco, like Francisco, Jose and Remberto. Together, they led us through day one. In 2017, through their passion and vision, they introduced new African varieties like SL 28, SL34 and Gesha to our land. With this lot we also acknowledge and honour Juan Chicas, Raúl and Roció, and their time and dedication during processing. This lot is a clear example of meticulous work through all stages, from careful cherry picking, through the cold fermentation process, to the final preparation for export. We honour them all and the work they have done. Together, we are committed to offer these and more exotic varieties from our beloved country El Salvador.

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