We continue to move forward, sharing knowledge and unifying criteria in the world of coffee, which is why we decided to create a collective project, led by our Qlab team, and other quality coffee professionals to improve and expand the coffee descriptor wheel, so that everyone can participate in the culture of quality coffee and its fascinating world of aromas and flavours.

The wheel is already available in more than 15 different languages, including Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Italian and Russian. In addition, thanks to the collaboration of Vero Coffee House it is available in Lithuanian, in Georgian thanks to Meama, in Bulgarian by Caffè Martines , WHY KNOT in Belarusian, Svit Kavy and Vysokakava collaborated to transcribe it in Ukrainian, Tucano Coffee in Romanian, Sweet Beans in Slovak, Ethica Coffee in Hebrew and Japanese, and also thanks to the contribution of Flat White Specialty Coffee it is available in Arabic and Halal Arabic.
We are still working with some more with the idea of sharing coffee culture and so that coffee lovers can deepen their knowledge and cupping skills and improve the definition of the descriptors found in any good coffee. 

How has it been improved?

Starting with the classic wheel of descriptors to improve and expand it, it has been given a greater descriptive capacity, expanding each aromatic family until it reaches an objective range of final descriptors.

The three basic groups of olfactory and gustatory sensations are used as a starting point: enzymatic, caramelization and dry distillation, to structure up to 145 characteristic descriptors that can be found in a good coffee.  You can read here how it works in detail.

Different ideas and applications

A series of gadgets have been produced from the coffee descriptor wheel, different ideas and applications ready to be served during the tasting sessions. Never alone, all the gadgets are designed to walk together, they all go with the brand of those who collaborate in the promotion of coffee culture.

  • Postcard


Postcards printed on different materials; recycled paper, corn, grapes or coffee, perfect to send to customers, suppliers, be shared as a complement to your good coffee and safe for many other ideas that you will think of and share. All of them can be complete or by marking the descriptors of any coffee you were interested in promoting.

  • White postcard. Personalised postcard with logo and message on the back of thick 100% recycled paper, white colour and smooth texture

  • Postcard corn. Customized postcard with logo and message on the back of thick paper 40% recycled and 15% from the agro-industrial process of corn production, cream colour and granulated texture

  • Grape postcard. Personalised postcard with logo and message on the back made of thick paper, 40% recycled and 15% from the agro-industrial process of grape production, greyish colour and granulated texture

  • Brown postcard. Personalized postcard with logo and message on the back made of thick 40% recycled paper and 15% from the agro-industrial process of coffee production, brown colour and granulated texture with text printed in white in

  • Printed envelope. Customized envelope with logo for postcards made of 40% recycled paper and 15% from the agro-industrial process of corn production, white colour and granulated texture


  • Film


These films are designed for any type of consultation and analysis in the laboratory or tasting sessions, helping to support the sensory memory in the description of a coffee.

  • Film. Personalised film with logo made of cardboard paper with matt laminate protection, white colour and smooth texture

  • Wooden base. Wooden base for the sheet


  • Display.


Perfect for use in presentations at events or trade fairs, a further supplement when presenting seasonal coffees, thanks to the versatility of the material it is easily transportable and manageable. Ideal for promoting quality coffee at the coffee shop bar and at the point of sale.

  • Foam base. Personalized stand in different sizes with white foam cardboard logo


  • Mural.


These murals are designed to be understood as a fundamental complement during the tasting sessions, resulting in an element of help for the people who are going to evaluate the coffee. Designed for the wall of the laboratory and tasting area, also as an educational and distinctive element of the spaces where quality coffee is consumed and sold.

  • White plate. Customised plate in different sizes with white aluminium logo and wall dividers. Made of white laminated dibon aluminium.

  • Aluminium plate. Customised plate in different sizes, with aluminium logo in aluminium colour and wall dividers. Produced in aluminium dibon.


  • Digital.


Perfect for using and sharing in the digital environment, for publishing on websites or social networks, they are an indispensable complement for coffees.

  • Archives. Personalised files in different formats: .html, .jpg, .png, .tiff, .pdf

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