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Graciela Cruz Naranjo
A coffee with its own name, with an unrepeatable 90.5 SCA score and exotic profile, the result of our most outstanding recipe and exceptional cherries.

Graciela Cruz Naranjo



Exotic - Lychee

I dedicate this achievement to a great hard-working woman, a fighter pushed forward. She is my mother Graciela Cruz Naranjo who was born and raised on a farm with her mother and her brothers, at 35 years of age she married a mother of 10 children, 5 men and 5 women, they taught all of me to work to be responsible and honest. . She had to work very hard so that none of us will lack the main thing that was food, clothing and some study since they did not have a good financial solvency. And today at 65 years of age they still work on the farm with my father. And that is the little story of my MOTHER whom I love very much

-Luis Guzmán