Bio: refers to products that haven't been genetically manipulated (transgenic).

Organic: means that the product is free of chemical synthesis and that only 100% natural produts have been used in its production process.

The legislation of the European Community equates them and determines that "ECO" (ecological), "BIO" (biological), SUSTAINABLE and ORGANIC as synonyms: desginates all those products that have not been treated with any type of pesticide or chemical product and have been grown respecting the rythyms of nature without genetic manipulation and provide benefits for the enviroment and the local agricultural and livestock community.

Ecological products, also known as biological or organic, are grown with a production system that combines best enviromental practices with the preservation of natural resources.

An ecological sustenance is when the enviroment has been respected in its production system and the used techniques. No chemicals, pesticedes or fertilizers.

Only 100% natural products have been used in its production process.



What is a BIO product?

Bio products, in the same way ecologic or organic share the uniqueness of not having been artificially made or having used chemicals, pesticedes or fertilizers during any of their stages. Its an alternative way of consumption that supports the care of the enviroment.


How to identify a BIO product?

It is a sustenance that has not undergrone any modification during its production process, as for example some fruits or vegetables from a traditional market to which chemicals are added to improve their texture, color or aroma. The key to distinguish a BIO product is in its labeling, there are several stamps that certify it, amoung which the EU Organic Bio or the "euro- sheet". A rectangular logo made up of with a spike of stars on a green background.

How to choose a BIO product?

They are products that carry out a natural process of different species, whether they are animals or plants. Selected in a natural way and are not genetically altered to improve their characteristics.

They contribute to the care of the biodeversity and good treatment of species in the ecosystem.

They have more nutritional contributions. Fertilizers improve the appearance of a sustenance significantly and reduces its nutritional qualities, what with a BIO sustenance does not happen.


What is a BIO coffee?

It is a product that has been grown in a sustainable and responsible way without the use of pesticides or chemicals, respecting the enviroment. In no way it has been in contact with any other product that does not have the same certification.

How do I identify a BIO coffee?

We identify this product by the stamp that appears on the packaging or by its brand in which it details ORGANIC or BIO. The spike stamp appears on coffee packages.

Why choose a BIO coffee?

In first place, because it is respectful in the enviroment, does not mistreat the fertile soil and this means that we can grow coffee for longer, maintaining the properties of the earth. And because it is healthier for consumption, as we have mentioned, the product has not been in contact with pesticides and chemicals.

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