The National Winner Auction will be held on December 2-6.

Awarded coffees. Year's best coffees are awarded at origin by a group of experts. Coffees are cupped up to five times before naming the winners of the year, who will receive the highly acclaimed Cup of Excellence® pize. 

It's bid time! The awarded coffees are sold to the highest bidders at the annual National Winner Auction. To participate, you only need to sign up on the official Alliance for Coffee Excellence website. Take into account that being an ACE member is required to proceed with the registration. This time, the list of 21 selected coffees is headed by Grimanes Morales Lizana's 92.28 score coffee!

The event will take place on December 5th.

Once the registration process is completed, you will only need to join the auction online on the specified date. The platform will display what coffees are being offered as well as the prize --in real-time--  for each lot. When the auction begins, the countdown will be set at 3 minutes from the time a lot receives the first bid. Every new offer will reset the countdown, and the bidding will end when the clock strikes 0. For further information, read on the official site about how to bid.

Are you in? Alliance for Coffee Excellence allows you to gain some practice:


Still not sure? Let us do the work for you. Mare Terra Coffee will bring to you the best Peruvian Cup of Excellence coffee lots after the auction in 5Kg packs. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information!

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