When Timur first asked me if I could help with the translation into Hebrew, I took this issue with great enthusiasm. But like everything in this life that seems easy to us, it turns out to be a complex and exciting game of thoughts and meanings. This is where it all began. Simple words for smells and flavours have grown into dozens of different words with similar meanings. 

It became clear that the wheel of tastes would turn into a mechanical translation in Hebrew, which in my opinion is not permissible. Modern Hebrew grew up on the basis of the ancient Hebrew language and therefore very often ancient words are often mixed with new ones.  Plus, all Semitic languages can have several meanings in one and the same word.

And I asked for help with my very good friend Dror Shitrit who, to my luck, teaches biology at the Haifa Technion. He made a huge part of the work.

We prepared several variations for each controversial word, then chose the most used and suitable for our industry. It was exciting and so interesting that I realized that during the preparation of the wheel of tastes, I began to understand my language much better.

The Ethica project, it is a very international collective. The team speaks at least five languages. Our team decided not to stop there, Eri Tahira is our professional barista and food supervisor, translated the wheel of tastes  to Japanese, she has behind her back six years of experience in the specialty coffee industry in Australia and Canada.  The next stage will be the translation into Slovak by our chef barista and coffee expert Jakub.

"All our team is very grateful for this opportunity because such a steps makes our industry more understandable for different people".

About Ethica Coffee Roasters


“ETHICA” originates from the modern Greek word ἠθικόν and ancient Greek word ἦθος – ethos, meaning “character” or “custom.” It is a branch of philosophy aiming to explore the nature of morality. Originally, ethos meant “joint dwelling”, the rules deriving from:

  • Co-existence

  • The norms uniting society

  • Overcoming individualism and aggressiveness

Along with society’s evolution, the notion was extended by research concepts of conscience, good and evil, sympathy, friendship, the meaning of life, and self-sacrifice. The concepts elaborated by ethics – mercy, justice, friendship, solidarity, and others – govern the moral development of social institutions and relations. 

We really love what we do; coffee is our life. Our mission is to provide you with the best variety of coffee that the world has to offer.

At Ethica Coffee Roasters, we absolutely refuse to be satisfied with anything except for what is true.Coffee moves us. And the way it's cared for speaks volumes about the delicate process of being cultivated, roasted, and brewed – an art form in its own right.At Ethica Coffee Roasters you’ll find yourself leaving your daily tensions behind, inspired by a moment of honest, thoughtful reflection. 

Our Inspiration

Our inspiration comes from the mid-century philosopher Baruch Spinoza and his masterpiece, Ethics. In Ethics, Spinoza seeks to explain how a human can be free in spite of the external factors of the environment and psychology. According to Spinoza, desire is the engine of human movement; the “free [hu]man” is someone who understands their own compulsions and whose behaviour is determined by this understanding.