Organic matter as a fertilizer for coffee plants

Axel Simon

Axel Simon

November 23, 2022

Growing coffee tree

In order for the coffee plant to grow in optimal conditions and for the coffee beans to be of high quality, the plant constantly needs nutrients that favor its growth.

In many coffee plantations they resort to the use of chemical fertilizers in order to provide these nutrients to the plant since the soil of the crop may have lost matter.

Even so, more and more producers are committed to sustainable agriculture, taking advantage of all the organic waste generated by the farm itself, improving the structure and fertility of the soils in cultivation.

It has been demonstrated that similar or better results, especially in the long term, can be obtained with the use of organic fertilizers than with chemical fertilizers.

Organic matter is obtained from animal, vegetable, agricultural and domestic wastes. These wastes are applied to the soil improving its physical, biological and chemical conditions.

With organic fertilizer we guarantee:

  • Improved soil quality
  • Nutrient availability for coffee trees
  • Promotes water infiltration
  • Retains more water
  • Improvement of microbial life in the soil

The main resource used as fertilizer on the farms is coffee pulp, obtained from the remains generated by the wet mill.

The pulp should be applied after composting.

This promotes a better physical condition of the plants, favoring the absorption of nutrients.

With the use of organic matter in crops, a much more economically and, above all, environmentally beneficial future is in sight.



Axel Simon

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