On October the 22th, we will be holding a Q Arabica Grader Calibration day with trainer Gloria Pedroza at our certified SCA Premier Campus Training Center in Castelldefels (Barcelona).

People who have obtained the Q Arabica must calibrate each other every three years in order to test their skills to accurately assess the quality of coffee based on their experience, knowledge and the standards and protocols acquired in the Q Grader training.

It is mandatory for all Q Graders to participate in the calibration if they wish to remain active as Q Graders in good standing. The calibration consists of three cuppings (on tables of 6 samples each) of coffees with different attributes. The sessions include one of Mild Washed, one of Naturals and one of Africa or Asia. All Q Graders must perform this calibration and pass two of the three cuppings to renew their certifications and continue as certified Q Graders. Once passed, the Q Grader certification will remain valid for another 36 months from the day of the calibration course.


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