Q Combined Arabica Training Course and Exam:  25th - 30th of October

CQI's Q Coffee System is an internationally recognized program for assessing cup quality based on a standardized system for Arabica coffee using protocols developed by the SCA. A Q Arabica Grader is a highly trained and calibrated coffee taster who evaluates coffee using SCA's tasting standards and protocols.

This Q Grader course consists of two complementary concepts: the first is a 3-day theory and practice of all the activities, followed by a 3-day series of exams on the material presented. In total 19 different exams are carried out during the course. The purpose of the exams is to assess tasters on their general tasting skills. The course includes various activities to test their skills in evaluating a coffee in a traditional tasting format, olfactory senses, classification of green and roasted coffee, identification of acids, assessments of basic tasting skills, triangulations, tests of sensory skills and roast coffee testing.

Our instructor:
Gloria Pedroza is a professional taster with many years of experience in green coffee quality control. She works as an instructor for Q Arabica and Q Robusta and as SCA AST.