The Mare Terra Coffee Institute Training Campus located in the RDIT building of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia has once again been certified as SCA Premier Training Campus this week. This distinction for SCA member organizations dedicated to teaching means that our training center has been inspected and that our facilities have been optimal for conducting excellent training in all areas taught: Barista, Brewing, Roasting and Sensory.


SENSORY & GREEN COFFEE: Certification in this category focuses on having a laboratory for tasting, sensory analysis, green coffee analysis, classification and an environment conducive to performing the Q-Grader test.

BARISTA SKILLS & BREWING: Certification in this category focuses on having complete barista stations to train in practical skills behind the espresso bar. All necessary accessories for practice with grinders, milk techniques and Latte Art.
A variety of methods for brewing coffee are included in these skills. In addition, we give tools for measuring force and extraction

ROASTING: Certification in this category focuses on having an adequate space to carry out training in the roasting process in all its parts: roast cycle, roast levels, identification of defects, management of the workspace and lean production.

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