In 2018, The V Spanish Coffee Festival and the official SCA Championships were held within the 32nd Madrid Gourmet Festival.

Daniil Kaplakhovski won the 2018 Barista National Championship, becoming the youngest champion in the history of Spain. The judges emphasized his impeccable beverage preparation technique and excellent selection of coffee. This coffee was a mixture of grains from Salvador and Honduras, obtained as a result of experiments of the Mare Terra Coffee team.

About experimental coffee

Since 2017, the Mare Terra Coffee team has conducted various fermentation experiments at origen: in Ethiopia, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Colombia. Experiments involve farmers and cooperatives, as well as come roasters interested in development of new flavors.

Experiments with Daniil’s coffee showed impressive results, reflected in the taste of the drink. These results have been achieved both by fermentation and by further drying and processing. Mare Terra Coffee team conducted numerous tests and proved that even a small change in the berries turns coffee into a completely different drink. Daniil used two types of coffee: aerobic hot fermentation and anaerobic cold fermentation. Honduran coffee was fermented for 48 hours under the sun, and coffee from El Salvador was fermented in the shade, in closed containers, and then dried. A blend of seasonal coffee allowed the champion to present unique taste in espresso, cappuccino and in his author's drink. The author's drink was described by the judges as “a shocking blend and a unique flavor” with organoleptic notes closer to pineapple, tropical fruit and some alcoholic notes.

These experiments allowed us not only to get coffee for the championship, but also to strengthen our ties with producers. Saying shortly, it was a success in many aspects.