Daye Bensa

Daye Bensa is a family business through and through. Asefa Dukamo and Tseganesh Habtemariyam are the parents of this project, quite literally.

Today, two generations work side by side at Daye Bensa Coffee. Kenean Dukamo, the first born, leads the export operations with dad Asefa, and supports Mareterra in everything to do with experimental processes.

Unexpectedly, our successes are a tribute to them all.

Yonathan Dukamo 



90.5 SCA - Winey - Red grape

Yonathan is the seventh born in the family. He lives in Ethiopia and goes to Gibson School, where he's about to start fourth grade. There's no need to say Yonathan is very cool. He hopes to be a doctor when he grows up.Yonathan's lot is a natural process which was fermented anaerobically for 72 hours before being put to dry on the tables. This is a repeated experiment for us, last year, it paid tribute to Atiklet Dejene.


Abenzer Dukamo



91 SCA - Exotic - Almond liqueur

Abenzer is the sixth born in the family. He lives in Ethiopia and goes to Gibson School, where's about to start seventh grade. He hopes to become an engineer when he goes to college.

This lot is a natural process with a pre-fermentation step. Fermentation is anaerobic under shade, for 100 hours. This is a tropical tweak over Yonathan's Dukamo lot.


Eden Dukamo



91,75 SCA - Exotic- Port wine

Eden is the third born. She goes to University of Akron in Ohio, where she studies Marketing and Sales Management. Eden hopes to join the family coffee business, so we're sure we will still name more lots after her.Eden's lot starts with a brief anaerobic fermentation, after which cherries are put to dry in elevated tables using a special technique called "mountain drying".


Bethlehem Dukamo




92 SCA - Exotic - Almond liqueur

Bethlehem is the second born in the family. She goes to the University of Akon in Ohio. She already has a degree in Social work and is currently studying for her second degree is Nursing.This lot is a natural process with 96 hours of anaerobic fermentation, a sister lot to Eden Dukamo.



Tseganesh Habtemariyam



91,25 SCA - Winey - Red cherry

Tseganesh is a loving wife and mother to nine kids. She's a key part of Daye Bensa's life and future, supporting Asefa and Kenean in the daily running of this massive exporting operation.Besides all that, she's also an entrepreneur, with a local diaper business as a side hustle.

Tseganesh lot is a natural process lot, with 48 hours of anaerobic fermentation under shade and a special drying technique.





Kenean Dukamo 



93 SCA - Exotic - Rosé wine

Kenean is the first born of nine kids. After having studied in the US, Kenean went back to Ethiopia to join the family business as an Export Manager.With Kenean support, the company developed its microlot business and jumped, without looking back, into experimental processing.

This 96 hours prolonged anaerobic fermentation is a party in a cup, so a tribute to Kenean is the obvious match.