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José Heider Contreras

I am a coffee grower passionate about my work and dedicated to my family''.

Coffee Producer José Heider Contreras

A glimpse of its history and its coffee experience

For me the field represents the greatest wealth that life has given me, that is why I made the decision to start growing coffee and project myself to grow personally and economically.
In 2002 I began to cultivate the first coffee trees in a lot that my mother gave me to start growing in the farm that today is called El Descanso.
For me, the most critical point in the whole process of the production of my coffee is that the moment of harvesting the fruits arrives and I do not have the ideal personnel for the job and the whole process is delayed.
The stage that I consider most important is to have more space for the drying of the coffee, for this reason I consider that the most important thing is to be able to have adequate facilities to be able to comply with this process without altering the quality of the coffee.
Every day I strive to deliver the best results that represent my coffee, with all the scripts and accompaniment that I receive from the professionals, which is why the most satisfying part of my work is to show my coffee in any of the presentations and that I receive a high level of congratulations, which makes me feel proud of the dedication that I have on my farm.

José Heider Contreras’ team

  • Adriana Berdugo, José Heider’s wife and co-worker, is also in charge of the workers’ daily meals.
  • Diego Contreras, José Heider’s nephew, is in charge of following up the workers in the collection area.
  • Felipe Contreras, José Heider’s nephew, collaborates in different tasks, including the collection of beans, fermentation and drying of coffee.
  • Daniel Ruiz, in charge of weed control in the coffee lots along with pest control and fertilization.

Coffees produced by José Heider in his farm El Descanso Natural

All coffees produced by José Heider are micro-lots, carefully processed, delicately dried and rested in the appropriate cellar for humidity control, taking care of the bean after drying.

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La Finca de José Heider Contreras

El Descanso Natural coffee farm

José Heider Contreras’ savings and his motivation to organize his life led him to become a producer of his own coffee.
José Heider’s challenge to participate with his coffees in the Cup of Excellence and achieve a significant position in the Competition. He and his wife Adriana are now the owners of Finca El Descanso Natural.
The Finca El Descanso Natural where the product José Heider Contreras lives with his wife Adriana Verdugo and their two daughters is located near the municipality of Guadalupe in Huila.

El Descanso-Huila green coffee farm in Colombia

Locate where the coffee trees grow with which José Heider Contreras produces his very personal batches of coffees.

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José Heider Contreras has a lot to share, a lot to say

In the following page you will find information about José Heider, his challenges, his day to day life and the story of how he has become a coffee producer of reference in his coffee region.

Producer José Heider with coffee cherries

15 answers to 15 questions

José Heider responds concisely to 15 questions that provide the backbone of his experiences, his knowledge, his desires and the challenges he wishes to face in order to continue enriching his knowledge as a coffee producer.

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