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Hertson Bernal

"My dream is to be the best natural coffee producer in Colombia".

Coffee Producer Hertson Bernal

A glimpse of its history and its coffee experience

I am dedicated to coffee growing, because I have worked in coffee plantations since I was a child.
In 2006 I bought the La Esperanza farm and became a producer.
A critical point for me is not fertilizing on time and the fruit not filling out completely.
It is with the drying process that we finish our work of coffee production.
A moment of special intensity is the cupping test to know how our coffee expresses itself in all its aspects. Toasting and tasting the fruits of our efforts is a great thing.

Hertson Bernal’s team

  • Jesús Bernal, Hertson’s brother and partner, is characterized by his passion for his work in coffee cultivation.
  • Sandra Molina, Hertson’s wife, prepares coffee every morning to start work on the farm.
  • Helena Astaiza, who is involved in the manual selection of the coffee berries
  • Inderman Inga, collaborator in all the work done on the farm, he is tireless.

Coffees produced by Hertson Bernal at his farm La Esperanza

All the coffees produced by Hertson, microlots, have in the cup their obstinacy in achieving perfection in the production of coffees with a natural process, strong personality and no options for indifference.

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Hertson Bernal's Farm

La Esperanza Coffee Farm

Planting lulo, a type of orange, was the seed that allowed Hertson Bernal to buy the La Esperanza farm and exchange oranges for coffee.
The La Esperanza farm was for Hertson Bernal love at first sight, he believed in its potential from the first moment, he loved its location, a hollow in the eastern mountain range of Colombia.
Time and patient and constant work have made Hertson turn the farm into his home, where he has built it, bordering his pampered coffee plantations, a new mill, a new dryer, renovate coffee trees, constant evolution and many challenges in his head with his farm pending to be undertaken.

Finca de café verde la Esperanza, en región de Huila, Colombia

Locate where the coffee trees grow with which Hertson Bernal produces his very personal batches of coffees.

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Hertson Bernal has a lot to share, a lot to say

In the following page you have information about Hertson, its challenges, its challenges, also about its day to day life and the history of how it has become a reference coffee producer in its coffee region.

El productor de café verde Hertson Bernal, de la región cafetalera de Huila, Colombia

15 answers to 15 questions

Hertson Bernal responds concisely to 15 questions that provide the backbone of his experiences, his knowledge, his desires and the challenges that he wishes to face in order to continue enriching his knowledge as a coffee producer.

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