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William Parra

"A cup of coffee with love and patience offers excellence''.

Coffee Producer William Parra

A glimpse of its history and its coffee experience

I am dedicated to coffee, by family tradition, for the taste and love we have for coffee.
I have been involved in coffee farming for 18 years, but for as long as I can remember I have helped my father on his farm.
A critical point for me is the fertilization of coffee plantations due to the high cost of inputs.
For me the most important stage of the whole production process is the picking of coffee cherries.
The most satisfying point for me is when you take into account the work done, the different processes that I carry out to obtain good quality and that the investment is profitable. And of course, having a cup of coffee that I produced myself.

William Parra’s team

  • Liliana Carina Sierra Muñoz, profit and process
  • Juan Nicolas Parra Rodriguez, farm maintenance
  • William Alfonso Parra Carrillo, harvesting and drying
  • Luis María Parra Vázquez, workers’ representatives

Coffees produced by William Parra at his farm El Edén

All of the coffees produced by William, microlots, are subjected to strict quality controls such as having well nourished coffee plantations, the strict harvesting of ripe beans, or the process of washing the coffees, among others, factors that are denoted in the final cup.

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    William Parra's Farm

    El Edén Coffee Farm

    The land that his father gave him as a gift founded Finca El Edén.
    Finca El Eden has been growing little by little and expanding its land with the perseverance and hard work of William Parra and the help and support of his family.
    Finca El Edén, located in the coffee growing region of Guadalupe, has been a coffee producer since 2003. William Parra is the owner and is currently in charge of the management and administration of Finca El Edén.

    El Eden green coffee farm in the coffee growing region of Huila, Colombia.

    Locate where the coffee trees grow with which William Parra produces his very personal batches of coffees.

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    William Parra has a lot to share, a lot to say

    In the following page you will find information about William, his challenges, his day to day life and the story of how he has become a coffee producer of reference in his coffee region.

    Green coffee producer William Parra, from the coffee-growing region of Huila, Colombia.

    15 answers to 15 questions

    William Parra responds concisely to 15 questions that provide the backbone of his experiences, his knowledge, his desires and the challenges he wishes to face in order to continue enriching his knowledge as a coffee producer.

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