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Aldo annese

"I produce a family coffee cultivated with love and excellence''.

Coffee Producer Aldo Annese

A glimpse of its history and its coffee experience

I am dedicated to coffee growing, by position and transcendence.
In 2014 I became a coffee producer.
The critical points for me in coffee production are the uncontrollable ones, such as atmospheric phenomena.
The stage that I consider the most important in the production of our coffees is the handling of the bean in all the processes.
One of the most satisfying parts of coffee production is the smiles of the people who work with and enjoy our coffee.

Aldo Annese’s team

  • Lucía Tejada, General Manager
  • Randy Gomez, Q Processes
  • Oscar Acencio, Agronomist Engineer and Field Manager
  • Arturo Sanchez, Q Grader

Coffees produced by Aldo Annese at his farm La Aurora

All the coffees produced by Aldo, microlots, have been processed following quality controls such as the measurement of soils and fabrics, temperature, size, degrees, brix among others, all these processes make Aldo’s coffees unique.

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Aldo Annese's Farm

La Aurora Coffee Farm

The Aurora farm was founded in 1887 by German emigrants.
In addition to coffee, the farm started growing panela and jute sacks.
La Aurora farm has been restored and preserved maintaining its original infrastructure.

Finca La Aurora en Guatemala

Locate where the coffee trees grow with which Aldo Annese produces his very personal batches of coffees.

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Rainforest Cobán

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Alta Verapaz

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