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isacio albir

"Total respect for the environment"

Coffee Producer Isacio Albir

A glimpse of its history and its coffee experience

I am dedicated to coffee growing, by family inheritance.
I have been producing coffees for 16 years.
One of the critical points in the production process of my coffees is the moment of cutting and drying the coffee.
The stage that I consider most important is the selection of the cherries.
Producing coffee is enormously satisfying for me.

Isacio Albir’s team

  • Santos Feliz Suare, Employee in various tasks on the farm
  • Melvin Inestrozs, Human Resources

Coffees produced by Isacio Albir in his farm Agua Sarca

All the coffees produced by Isacio, microlots, have followed specific controls in their production that go from the cutting of coffee at its optimal moment, the control of the hours during fermentation, the climatic registers and the follow-up in the drying process among others.

In data what makes possible and what he gets in coffee producer Isacio Albir


People in the team






Years producing coffee


One thousand
kg of cherry


Processes other than Beneficiation


kg of green coffee


Lot of green coffee with personality

Isacio Albir's Farm

Agua Sarca coffee farm

A family farm for more than three generations:
Agua Sarca, a small farm that has been growing with small purchases of adjoining land.
The work well done by Isacio Albir has improved the qualities by applying different fermentation methods at Finca Agua Sarca.

Agua Sarca green coffee farm, in the coffee growing region of Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua.

Locate where the coffee trees grow with which Isacio Albir produces his very personal batches of coffees.

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Nueva Segovia

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“We are dedicated to coffee growing, by inheritance from our parents and for the love we feel for coffee. Since 2013 we have been producers of Fincas Bethania and Las Hortensias”.