Coffees with good quality and consistency

Daterra Classics range defines the traditional profile of its region

The essence of this range is defined by the consistency and stability of its coffees.

The coffees of Daterra’s Classic Range are the best representatives of the traditional coffee profile of the Cerrado region of Brazil. They are grown and processed with high quality processes that characterize Finca Daterra.
The Daterra Classics range offers an excellent ratio of quality and consistency.

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Our collection of Daterra Classics coffees

Our coffees of the Daterra Classic range are coffees of continuity, available throughout the year, maintaining a stable cup profile and key descriptor.

A well-defined cup profile identified with the Cerrado coffee growing region – Interannual stability of cup profile and key descriptor – Solid profile and key descriptor from harvest to harvest – A roast with minimal variations for a systematized profile – Maximum number of defects from 11 to 15 secondary defects per 350 gr – Specialty score by the SCA – Packaged in bags (Poly Bag and Penta Bag) and vacuum packed boxes (Penta Box) of 24,2 kg – 60 kg package format – Fixed prices per harvest – Availability of contracts per harvest.

Characteristics of Arabica coffees and the Daterra Classics range:

  • Traceability from the coffee growing region of its production
  • Maximum 15 secondary defects per 350 grams of green coffee.
  • SCA score from 80 to 86 points
  • Traditional profile of the region where it is produced
  • Recommended for both single origin and blends.
  • Continuity coffees
  • 60-kilo bag format (Poly Bag and Penta Bag) and 24.2-kilo vacuum boxes (Penta Box)

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Within the Daterra Classics range you can find 10 different coffees, defined by the characteristic profile of the Cerrado coffee growing region.


A selection of our green coffees that we import and distribute from Daterra Classics.

Ready to roast – Cup varieties and quality validated in our laboratory – Profitable, reliable and faithful coffees to consolidate or grow your market – Discover them now

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