The best coffees from the Daterra plantations

The Daterra Collection range offers coffees of the highest quality.

The essence of this range is defined by the ‘Penta’ process in its production.

The coffees of the Daterra Collection Range are coffees of the highest quality, selected from the best coffees of the plots that make up the Daterra Estate, processed using the Daterra ‘Penta’ method. Penta’ is the name given to the five stages of the cultivation of quality coffee: planting, harvesting, classification, drying and packaging.

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Our Daterra Collection of coffees

The coffees of the Daterra Collection range are continuity coffees available until end of stock, maintaining a stable cup profile and key descriptor.

Specialty coffees with a cup profile with marked character and personality – Interannual stability of cup profile and key descriptor – Profile and key descriptor solid from harvest to harvest – Maximum number of defects from 9 to 12 for organic coffees per 350 grams – Minimum SCA score +85 points – Shipment of samples available all year round – More than four imports per harvest – Penta Box packaging (mixture of inert and vacuum gases) – Convenient and practical format 24.2 kilos, distributed in two bags – Fixed prices per harvest – Availability of contracts per harvest.

Characteristics of arabica coffees and the Daterra Collection range:

  • Traceability from the farm to the production site
  • Maximum 9 secondary defects per 350 grams of green coffee.
  • SCA score from 86 to 89 points
  • Special profiles of more specific plots
  • Recommended for single origin
  • Seasonal coffees
  • Vaccum format of 24.2 kilos

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The 12 coffees of the Daterra Collection are exclusive and limited lots that are only available while stocks last.


A selection of our green coffees that we import and distribute from Daterra Collection

Ready to roast – Cup varieties and quality validated in our laboratory – Profitable, reliable and faithful coffees to consolidate or grow your market – Discover them now

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