Star coffees with a light of their own

The Constellations Range defines coffees with a cup profile marked with character and personality.

The essence of this Range is defined by the producers who shine with their own light

These coffees are associated with the coffee growing region where they are cultivated, which receives the name of a Constellation, and with each of its coffee growers, who receive the name of a Star, thus forming the coffee universe.

Constellations green coffee range logo

Our Constellations coffee collection

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Canis Major

Sidama – Ethiopia

Coffee stars of patience and exceptions

4 Producers
4 Washing Stations


Alta Mogiana – Brazil

Coffee stars of travel and gold

1 Producer
1 Farm



Coffee stars of kings, queens and sweethearts

1 Producer
1 Washing Station


Guji – Ethiopia

Coffee stars of skies and roads

1 Producer
1 Washing Station


Nueva Segovia – Nicaragua

Coffee stars of elegance
and high flights

3 Producers

3 Farms


Huila –

Ground coffee stars and

15 Producers

15 Farms



Coffee stars of perseverance and knowledge

11 Producers
11 Washing Stations


Yirgacheffe –

Coffee stars of evolution
and emotion

1 Producer

1 Washing Station


Apaneca-Ilamatepec – El Salvador

Coffee stars of melodies and sweet music

2 Producers
2 Farms


Jimma – Ethiopia

Coffee stars of one and all

2 Producers
2 Washing Stations

Sigma Orion

Coban – Guatemala

Coffee stars of giants and processes

1 Producer
1 Farms

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