Cassiopeia constellation

1 star producer in the coffee-growing regions of Nyaruguru, Nyamasheke and Rutsiro in the Rwandan coffee-growing region of Rwanda

Cassiopeia Constellation coffees are exceptional, from the Nyaruguru, Nyamasheke and Rutsiro coffee growing regions of Rwanda, green and ready to roast.

We explain what you want to know about the coffees of the constellation Cassiopeia

  1. Production is limited, usually microlots
  2. They have well-defined key descriptorsand a wide variety of key descriptors.
  3. The descriptors of the fruity group are the most prevalent in this constellation.
  4. Producers are working on different types of fermentations and processes, with natural anaerobic fermentations being the most applied.
  5. They have an average score according to the SCA scale of 87 to 90 points.
  6. All coffee producing farms in the Cassiopeia Constellation are above 1,550 meters above sea level.
  7. In this coffee constellation there are producers from 1 coffee-growing district in the Kiambu and Murang’a coffee regions.
  8. Experimental coffees are produced in the main crop of the Rwandan origin
A bag of Constellations coffee from the Rutsiro coffee-growing region




Processes and Fermentations


Different lots per year


Coffee growers involved

This is the star producer of the Cassiopeia Constellation in the Nyaruguru, Nyamasheke and Rutsiro Coffee Regions of Rwanda.

Each one has its own history, its own project and its own challenges, but they all have something in common: extraordinary coffees with a very strong personality.

Green coffee producer Emmanuel Rusatira

Emmanuel Rusatira

Navi | Rutsiro – Nyamasheke – Nyaruguru

”My objective, to offer the different profiles of coffee produced in Rwanda”.

Cassiopeia, Constellations range coffees

Roaster we explain in brief the advantages of roasting green coffee of the Constellations range of Mare Terra Green Coffee

They are: Specialty coffees with a cup profile with marked character and personality – Innovation and constant evolution – Exclusive selection in each harvest – Reference varietals in each origin – Wide palette of key descriptors, level 3 and 4 of the descriptor wheel, well defined – Exclusive batches for a single roaster, 5 secondary defects maximum per 350 gr – Minimum SCA score +84 – Sampling of lots prior to arrival from origin – Two imports per harvest, first available and consistency for repetitions – Batches from 300 to 1.500 kg – Unification of packaging, convenient and practical, 30 kg – Marketing segmented by region, never one lot sold in a region for two roasters.

Harvest and mountain views of Rwanda

Rwanda is where our Cassiopeia constellation coffees are produced.

We explain what you want to know about the coffees of the Cassiopeia constellation in the coffee regions of Nyaruguru, Nyamasheke and Rutsiro.

  • Cassiopeia Constellation coffees are grown in 3 coffee growing regions: Nyaruguru, Nyamasheke and Rutsiro.
  • The estimated population of these three regions is 676,461 inhabitants.
  • The combined area of Nyaruguru, Nyamasheke and Rutsiro is 3,345 km².
  • The three regions produce 24.76% of the total coffee in the country
  • 8,892 hectares are cultivated with coffee trees.
  • The most commonly grown varietal is red bourbon.
  • Harvest months are from February to May.

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