Star coffees with a light of their own

The Constellations Range defines coffees with a cup profile marked with character and personality.

The essence of this Range is defined by the producers who shine with their own light

These coffees are associated with the coffee growing region where they are cultivated, which receives the name of a Constellation, and with each of its coffee growers, who receive the name of a Star, thus forming the coffee universe.

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SCA score

Our Constellations coffee collection

Our 50 Constellations Range coffees are coffees that are only available according to their harvest season

Specialty Caféwith a cup profile with marked character and personality – Innovation and constant evolution – Exclusive selection for each harvest – Reference varietals in each origin – Wide range of key descriptors, level 3 and 4 of the descriptor wheel, well defined – Exclusive lots for a single roaster, 5 secondary defects maximum per 350 gr – Minimum SCA score +85 – Sampling of lots prior to arrival from origin – Two imports per harvest, first available and consistency for repetitions – Batches from 300 to 1.500 kg – Unification of packaging, convenient and practical, of 30 kg – Marketing segmented by region, never a lot sold in a region for two roasters.

Characteristics of our Arabica coffees and Constellations Range:

  • Traceability from the farm to the production site
  • Maximum 5 secondary and 0 primary defects per 350 grams of green coffee.
  • Screen according to origin, variety and process +15/+16 with tolerance of 5% below
  • Puntuación SCA of +85 points
  • Special profiles
  • Recommended for single origin
  • Seasonal coffees
  • 30 kg bag format


Within our Constellations Range you can find coffees from more than 8 origins, defined by the characteristic profile of their coffee growing regions.






Our selection of Constellations Range Producers

Hertson Bernal

Andean Ridge | Colombia |Huila

”I dedicate myself to coffee farming, because since I was little I have worked in coffee crops.
In 2006 I bought the La Esperanza farm and became a producer. A critical point, for me, is not to do the fertilization on time and that the fruit does not have a full filling”.

Louis Carlos Guzman

Andean Ridge | Colombia |Huila

”I dedicate myself to coffee farming, because of my grandparents, they are the ones who transmitted to me the dedication and love for coffee.
I have been a coffee producer since 2003, although I have been dedicated to coffee growing for 17 years. A critical point, for me, is without a doubt the winter and the increases in fertilizers”.

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The Constellations coffee collection

Our star coffees with their own light, with a cup profile of marked character and personality.

Canis Major

Sidama – Ethiopia

Coffee stars of patience and exceptions

4 Producers
4 Washing Stations


Alta Mogiana – Brazil

Coffee stars of skies and roads

1 Producer
1 Washing Station



Coffee stars of kings, queens and sweethearts

1 Producer
1 Washing Station


Guji – Ethiopia

Coffee stars of skies and roads

1 Producer
1 Washing Station


Nueva Segovia – Nicaragua

Coffee stars of elegance
and high flights

3 Producers
3 Farms


Cerrado Mineiro – Brazil

Coffee stars from north to south

2 Producer
3 Farm


Huila – Colombia

Ground coffee stars and

15 Producers
15 Farms



Coffee stars of perseverance and knowledge

11 Producers
11 Washing Stations


Yirgacheffe –

Coffee stars of evolution
and emotion

1 Producer
1 Washing Station


Apaneca-Ilamatepec – El Salvador

Coffee stars of melodies and sweet music

2 Producers
2 Farms


Jimma – Ethiopia

Coffee stars of one and all

2 Producers
2 Washing Stations

Sigma Orion

Coban – Guatemala

Coffee stars of giants and processes

1 Producer
1 Farms

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